Happy 10th Birthday Google!

27 09 2008

It has been talked about a lot this year but the day has finally arrived. Google is ten years old. And as if to prove it…

Googles 10th Birthday

Google's 10th Birthday

…they’ve even reverted to their old logo, for nostaligias sake. Founded in September 2008, Google has grown up to be a company synonymous with the Internet and the way we access it contents. In move that will please the writers of “Another Day, Another Google Page” the birthday boys have set up a timeline so people with an interest in the history of the company, like myself, can see all their great milestones.

My personal favourites include how the homepage design has changed (as you may have thought it was the same minimalistic design since 1998) and also the vast amount of special logo designs to commemorate certain occasions or birthdays.
There are other elements with nice touches of traditional Google humour, such as:

A small kitchen filled with snacks and often an espresso machine. Larry and Sergey made it a “rule” that no Googler should have to go more than 100 feet for food!


Since going global in May 2004, the employee Google Store has sold more than 80,000 toys, including 10,472 lava lamps and more than 20,000 yo-yos.

There are also interesting points about Google’s takeovers in the past, such as acquiring Keyhole, which was later used to create Google Earth.

With that said, all that it needs now is Happy 10th Birthday Google! We’re sure there will be many more…




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