Android Arrives: Let Google v Apple Commence!

29 09 2008

Last week, T-Mobile unveiled it newest phone. The G1. Normally this would not be of interest to myself apart from one massive difference.


The T-Molbile G1, otherwise known as the Google Phone

The T-Mobile G1, otherwise known as the Google Phone

The G1is the first mobile that can be given the much-anticipated tag of ‘Google Phone’. It has touch-screen. 3G web access. Integrated Google Street View. A 3-megapixel camera and more. It is a direct competitor with Apple’s phenomenal iPhone and as popular mechanics mentioned in their review of the G1:

It’s no use. The comparison is unavoidable, and so from here on out you’re going to be hearing a lot of comparisons to Apple’s now iconic device.

Google have always dominated the Internet search market with their 63% share and recently started stepping on Microsoft’s toes with their Google Desktop product. But now Google is taking on the currently hardware top-dogs; Apple.

Apple stormed the market with its iPhone. Since it was launched in June 2007, the buzz surrounding the iPhone was unprecedented. This was due to nothing else like it being around. Until now…

The G1 will offer direct competition for the Apple dominated multimedia smart phone market. However, it will be a tough battle. Both phones have their excellent pros and dissapointing cons, with outlining the winning points for each phone. However, this being a Google blog, we focus on the Android phone. The G1 wins it in the categories of…

  • Keyboard: The iPhone has a great on-screen keyboard, but that has its limits. The G1’s physical QWERTY keyboard is much easier to use and does not take up any screen-room.
  • Removable/expandable parts: Many iPhone users have been lumbered with having to ship back their handset as their battery fails/loses charge because of the sealed battery case. The G1, like pretty much all phones, has an accessible battery. It also comes with a Micro-SD slot to expand its (sadly small) memory, whereas you’re stuck with what the iPhone (generously) gives you.
  • Compass/Street View: The G1 have GPS. As an added bonus it also has an integrated compass that can recognise the direction you’re facing and give you Google Street View images of you’re location, enabling you to plan your route visually. We’re also very interested in what third-party developers can do with this function. The G1 has potential to become a full-blown sat-nav system in your pocket!

We will be longing to get our hands on one, but alas, will have to rely on the reviews of others, which we will report on here as soon as they are uncovered.

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29 09 2008

i want a google phone!!!

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