Google Chrome Review: One Month Later

3 10 2008

Google Chrome launched a month ago to great surprise. Its aim was to join the big players of Firefox and Internet Exporer in the browser world. One month on, Just Google It looks at the statistics to see how it has performed and whether it can be a major player in the market…

A quick look at Google’s own Trends product shows that Chrome’s launch was successful in UK search terms, yet it experienced a large decline once the buzz had worn off, with Firefox returning to top spot. Howver, a bonus from Google’s point of view is that it stayed above searches for Internet Explorer (although, it should be noted that since its an omnipresent browser on Windows it shold be expected to be low in searches)

Using Google Analytics stats (above) from a site I maintain for business VoIP provider Gradwell I can see that IE is still the default winner with 56% for the month 2nd Sept-2nd Oct 2008. Firefox comes second with 33%, Safari is in third  with 7%. Chrome storms in with 2.36%, easily surpassing Opera with 0.68%.

These figures are relatively steady through the month, the search spike seen in the first image, does not apply to usage it would seem.

In the month of September, both Firefox and IE lost overall market share, but that was not all down to Chrome’slaunch. Opera and Safari made small gains.

So Chrome has not blasted a hole right though the Mozilla and Microsoft dominated browser scrap, more made a dent. But Chrome is still (like 45% of all Google products) still in Beta and it has managed to overtake Opera in most scenarios, which for one months work, is impressive. This is probably due to the name attached to it rather than the browsers efficiency. Google is a name that brings with it a certain power to influence most markets.

We will see what the next 11 months can tell us.

What are your thoughts on Google Chrome? Has it become your default browser of did you return straight back to Firefox or IE? Lets us know. Leave a comment!




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4 11 2008
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