T-Mobile Release Google Android Emulator: Have A Play Around

6 10 2008

The G1 was unleashed on the world just over two weeks ago now and the “Apple v Google” contest has started in earnest. T-Mobile is either wanting to push the pre-orders of the handset or have had way too many requests for tester models – it has released an online emulator for the G1, better know as The Google Phone.

T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G1

The T-Mobile On Demand website allows a 360° view of the handset, with sliding screen. But the main reason to visit the site is the emulator. It allows you to navigate the menu, access the browser, explore the calling options, see how the whole thing works.

Granted it does not allow you to use the internet, use the camera or listen to music, but you do see how the handset works. Its worth a look for those not likely to get their mits on a tester model. Step forward Just Google It.

What do you think of the interface. Will it manage to disuade you from buying an iPhone? Lets us know. Leave a comment!




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