How To Read Your Gmail Without Your Mouse

7 10 2008

If you’re a person who loves the tips Lifehacker et al provide on saving time (while you waste time browsing their pages!) then you’ll love these little tips.

Gmail is rather functional and I find that my time is not taken up by useless tasks. However, there is still room for squeezing some more time out of the famous Google inbox; mouseless navigation.

There are numerous shortcuts that can be used to navigate, organise, write, send and archive, all from the comfort of your keyboard. The even got a mention on the Official Gmail Blog. Just Google It explains and tests them out…

The first thing when you are greeted with your Gmail (or Google mail) inbox is your unread messages.

Time to put these shortcuts into action! (If you try these shortcuts and they don’t work, do what I did and turn on ‘keyboard shortcuts’ in your settings! ¬_¬ )

Using J and K to move up and down (I think that King is the higher card = up, and that the Jack is the lower card = down) we can browse our messages. Some of them, we know, we don’t need to read, so selecting with X, we group the messages and Shft+I to mark as read (I think that my I has shifted across them). If you want to mark it as unread you use Shft+U.

If we want to go into a message, use J or K to move to it, then hit Return to enter the message. From here you can Reply, Star or Forward the message. Those are the easier shortcuts. You can also reply to all [A], report spam [!], archive [E] or delete [#] the message.

From the inbox we can compose a message with C, tab down the boxes, fill in the info and when its ready to send with hit Tab+Enter, and away it goes.

Other universal shortscuts I found useful are G+I (Go-to-Inbox), *+U (Select Unread emails) and *+N (Deselect all).

Now to see if we can remember them all…

A great page to bookmark, apart from our homepage of course, for a reference guide is the sheet that Odeo CEO Evan Williams provides here.

Have you used the shortcuts before? Did they become routine? Let us know. Leave a comment!




One response

8 10 2008
David Hostyk

If you hate the mouse, try Integrated Keyboading at:
which allows you to move the mouse and cursor, highlight, scroll, drag, number and delete without moving the hands from the home key position.

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