Are You A Self-Obsessed Googler?

9 10 2008

People use Google for many things. Advertising their business. Researching (poorly) a topic for academia. Pricing up new MP3 players. Searching for new wallpapers. Checking peoples blogs. Many things.

But there is one thing most people have done at least once: typed in their own name.

The “name search” category on Google is always one that comes out in top when Google releases its yearly Google Zeitgeist report. It would seem curiosity to see what the Internet says about you or what images are associated with your name is extremely powerful. It has even been touted as way to check that a potention boyfriend or girlfriend has not done anything horrendous in their past that may have been reported in the news. But the Self Googling Phenomena, as Udi Drezner calls it, is something that is apparently universal.

A recent “Do You Google Yourself?” survey preformed by Search Engine Round Table in September 2008 revealed that a whopping 96% of participants had Googled their own name. 35% even Googled themselves regularly!

Google Yourself Poll Results

Google Yourself Poll Results

I’ve often Googled myself, but with a name like Jake Johnson all I get are all American quarterbacks, wrestlers or dirt bikes riders and people who couldn’t spell Jack Johnson. Although I did once find something very odd. I swear I’ll buy that book one day…

Have you ever seen something strange when Googling your own name? Have you never done it? Do you check your name results on a regular basis? Tell us! Leave a comment!




One response

9 10 2008

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