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13 10 2008
Ask Google To Create Diabetes Day Doodle « Just Google It

[…] Google To Create Diabetes Day Doodle 13 10 2008 After the frivilous Paddington Bear doodle was splashed across today, I found a cause that was more worthy of Google’s […]

16 10 2008
The Queen Makes It Onto Google « Just Google It

[…] Queen Makes It Onto Google 16 10 2008 After Paddington Bear appeared to celebrate this 50th birthday on Monday, Google have once again change their Google UK logo to incorporate a big […]

12 11 2008
Google Disappoints With No Remembrance Doodle « Just Google It

[…] As millions of people payed their respects to the brave soldiers who laid down their lives in the first World War, which ended 90 years ago, Google do not make any changes to their website that they were more than happy to make for more frivolous occasions like the start of Autumn/Fall and Paddington Bear’s 50th birthday. […]

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