Google Maps Street View Arrives In France

15 10 2008

Google’s Street View, the revered technology that adds so much Google Maps, has added another jewel to its crown. Today it was announced that Street View now includes large parts of France, such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille and Nice.

It now means that you can view landmarks like these…

Google Street View France

Google Street View France - Eiffel Tower

…without leaving your computer. I’m still trying to see what the real beneifits of Street View are (apart from just nosing about) but I suppose it can be handy for people wanting to visit said French cities who want to know how to get to the major landmarks, or want to discover nice little areas.

France now joins America, Japan and Australia in being opened up to Street View. Britain (or England) can’t be that far away. Many people have noted that they have seen the Google Van in their area with its roof-mounted, rotating camera. I personally cannot wait.

Other landmarks for the effort-conscious of you out there:




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15 10 2008
» Google Maps Street View Arrives In France » Toulouse - France

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