The Queen Visits Google HQ

17 10 2008

[Video sourced from The Telegraph]

Yesterdays Just Google It reported the Google UK Queen Elizabeth II doodle made in honour of her visit to Googe’s British HQ.

Her Majesty and her husband the Duke of Kent, Prince Phillip attended a special tour at the London-base for the Internet giant, while stopping to view a YouTube video of a giggling Swedish child, viewed by an amazing 63 million people worldwide. The Queen was impressed and remarked to Prince Phillip:

Lovely little thing isn’t it? Amazing a child would laugh like that.

She continued to be introduced to engineers and software developers. Nikesh Arora, president of Google Europe, Middle East and Africa, who had the honour of showing the Queen around, said:

She did seem very very interested in everything going on. She has used YouTube and has her own Royal Channel and understands what our products are about.

The Queen was so impressed with her Royal Channel on YouTube that she has ordered a redevelopment of the Buckingham Palace website, to include more user-friendly content.




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