5 Top Google Tips To Enhance Your Searching

20 10 2008

Google is the first port of call for finding anything on the web – or at least it is for around 80% of search engine users. Some of you may be aware of some Google tricks, such as using “exact quotes” to find your keywords in a precise order, but there are many hidden gems.

Save yourself some time with these Google tips which will help streamline your search and uncover ways to use Google you never knew were possible!

Tip Number 1: Search by specific site

Know your the site the page you want is listed on? Their in-site search box broken or just plain useless? Use this handy little tool to help you search all the pages Google have indexed of the site. Our example image shows a search for any Just Google It page that contains the keyword project.

Tip Number 2: Find the local time anywhere in the world!

Got a call to make to overseas relatives? Need to make a business call to America? Worried it might be the middle of the night? Use the Google “what time” search function. Simply type “what is” then the place and Google will display the time above the search results.

Tip Number 3: Currency converter

I’m forever losing track of the Euros worth against Great British sterling pounds. I wasn’t sure how much the $700 billion bailout was worth in Yen. Well, this gem has helped me many a time. Type in the currency you want to convert, in our example “10 pounds” (you can even use abbreviations like GBP if needed). Then add your other currency, in our example we even used the simple “American money” and Google still picked the right currency!

Tip Number 4: Find music!

If you use -inurl tool to exclude pages that end in php, html or htm then it will only return index sites (add the intitle:”index of” search to cement this). Then add add your keywords which should be “mp3” and the band/song name. This will then find site indexes that contain the music you were looking for!

Tip Number 5: Quick weather forecast

Can’t be bothered to look out the window? Want to know the weather for the next few days? Want to know how warm/cold it will be in the week? Google’s weather: command will help you. Simply type weather: and the location (can be by name or post/zip code) and you’re away!

With these tips your Googling should be lightening fast in no time!

Have you got any more tips? Have any of these tips filtered into your everyday use? Lets us know, leave a comment!




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