YouTube Ranked As Number 2 For Search!

21 10 2008

Google is the undisputed number one for search, no one can argue that. But the site that runs a distant-second is not the obvious choice like Yahoo! or MSN. It probably wouldn’t even be in your top five of guesses.

The reason for that? It is not even a search engine!

Web monitoring company comScore reports that of the search queries in August 2008, Google, of course, came out on top with 7.5 billion, up 2% from July.

However, the real story is that Yahoo! lost 3%, dropping to 2.4 billion, whereas Google child company You Tube gained the 3% to total a whopping 2.5 billion queries for the month.

This means that YouTube is the world’s top destination for search behind Google, pushing out dedicated rivals Yahoo!, MSN and Ask. This astonishing news demonstrates Google’s stranglehold on the search market. Google and its partner sites now total just over 10 billion queries a month. An incredible amount of traffic.

Other rivals had mixed result, with Microsoft losing 7% of their queries, falling to just below 1 billion a month (a number not to be sniffed at!) Meanwhile, Ask gained 7% themselves adding a further 40 million queries to their 530 million from July.

Seems like the Google juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down!




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