Gmail Gives You More Control Over Your Contacts

22 10 2008

It has been reported on the official Gmail blog that changes have been made to the way in which we handle our contacts.

Gmail used to store your contacts if you mailed someone five or more times, automatically creating a contact profile for that address. However, Google have realise that this is not as useful as it sounds as it clutters your address book for syncing with mobile devices.

Contacts will now be transferred to a “Suggested Contacts” category and only the email addresses you care enough to add by hand will be entered into your “My Contacts” section. The Official Gmail Blog says:

As part of this change, we’re moving previously auto-added contacts back into Suggested Contacts. Only contacts that you’ve edited, imported or added to a group will remain in My Contacts. This will provide everyone with a clean slate and, we hope, a better point for syncing contacts with mobile devices (for example with Android). We’ll be rolling this change out to everyone over the next few days.

Hopefully the next upgrade will include a pop-out address book to check and add. As nice as auto-fill is, people sometimes get forgtten and feelings get hurt!

Are there any upgrades you’d like to see? Lets us know, leave a comment!




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