Google Project 10^ 100 Entries Roll In

22 10 2008

Back in September Just Google It reported about Google’s $10m Eco Contest. Now, the deadline for entries to Project 10^100 has passed and it seems that Google got plenty of entries. Many blogs have been talking about their entries and Just Google It has selected a few to bring to your attention.

Discover Scholars: An academic sponsorship scheme that allows donors to financially support the students that they want and see where their money goes, as opposed to just going into a pot at an institution.

Donors specify any combination of characteristics, from grades and majors to extracurricular and athletic activities, with the knowledge that worthy students possessing those attributes will benefit from their donations.

Unlike government aid, existing scholarship funds, or financial aid packages from schools, uses donors’ specified attributes to fund students who satisfy those criteria.

Global Learning Platform: An international based solution to educational poverty and efficiency

Children need academic skills and love of learning to work successfully in the 21st century. Adults need practical knowledge to become more effective at work and life management.

Global Learning Platform (GLP) will integrate elements of effective education with intelligent software and harness worldwide collaborative efforts to create great learning systems. The platform will feature intelligent tutoring systems (ITS), socially-motivated learning, high-quality materials, and an economic system. GLP will make all this available via multiple channels: PCs, sub-notebooks, game consoles, and mobile phones.

Rick Mobbs: An idea to create a social networking to connect pacifists, war resistors, conscientious objectors et al in supplying information and support to individual cases.

[The idea addresses] the isolation of and lack of information available to young people considering conscientious objection; the lack of leveraging of these individual acts of courage, which aggregated, do have the power to impact governments and armies; the need to strengthen and make more readily available a culture of peace and habits of resistance to violence.

Bid Willy: A social marketplace that allows all types of businesses and individuals to compete for consumer jobs, opening the market and stimulating real market competition.

  1. A consumer requests a service or need. (ie. Car maintenance, home painting, tutoring, etc).
  2. The request is routed to local businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers that provide the given service in your area. You get to choose the professionals that receive the bid request – whether you select 1 or you select 100, it’s all up to you.
  3. Bidwilly professionals are allowed to bid for the work in an open market. This means that when Business-A says he’ll do the job for $200, Business-B will be allowed to see that bid and underbid Business-A by quoting a price of $180. Business-A can then modify his bid quote to $160. It’s a bidwar!

I personally like the BidWilly idea, if a little awkward to understand. However, my conscience makes me think I should prefer an idea along the lines of the GLP idea, although I believe it would be difficult to implement fully. Discover Scholars has both good and bad points; it is great that donors can see their money being put to good use, but grants are there to help the less fortunate progress in life and they should not have to meet requirements in their extra-curricular activities set by the donor themselves.

But it is not up to me. It is Google’s $10 million decision.




6 responses

22 10 2008
rick mobbs

I imagine some great ideas will roll in. Thanks for the note of mine.

rick mobbs

23 10 2008
Project 10^100 Brings In 150,000 Submissions « Just Google It

[…] deadline for entries passed on Monday and yesterday we highlighted a few of the entries found on various […]

30 10 2008
Kay Allen

These are all really good ideas. I read about the BidWilly idea in another blog. Personally, considering the advantages of the technology and the state of the economic crisis…I’d vote for BidWilly. I’m a freelance photographer, so…you can understand my need for more marketing visiblity.

31 10 2008
Janelle Lane

I am not a business owner but i can really see great things evolving if Bid Willy is implemented. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the top 100 at the very least.

31 10 2008

While all of the ideas have merit, there is one that speaks to me. The Bidwilly concept. It speaks to the current crisis in the US and other markets around the world. I am a small business owner in metro Atlanta and it excites me to imagine a social marketplace where businesses and consumers have a place to enagage in win-win communication and transactions. I would like to know more abut how it works, but if it’s anything like imagine it to be, I can see where there will be less foreclosures, less poverty, lower unempoyment rates and most of all, happier families!

1 05 2009

The thing I don’t like about sites like Bid Willy is that you don’t know a thing about who’s behind it. There is no contact info. I mean, you could have a spammer collecting information. If you have a problem with the site or someone you contacted on the site, who do you contact? No one.

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