Project 10^100 Brings In 150,000 Submissions

23 10 2008

In September Google launched their $10 million contest, Project 10^100, to help change the world. As part of their 10th birthday celebrations they wanted to find a user-generated idea that could help change the world, that they would back with $10 million of funding.

The deadline for entries passed on Monday and yesterday we highlighted a few of the entries found on various blogs.

It has now been reported that Google is having to sift through 150,000 Project 10^100 entries, in over 25 languages, to find a winner.

Bethany Poole, a product marketing manager for Google, is happy with the quantity and quality of entries:

We’re thrilled by the large array of enthusiastic responses to Project 10^100. That number has exceeded our expectation.

We’re also very impressed by the variety and ingenuity of the submissions across all categories, ranging from health to energy, education and the environment.

More than 3,000 Google employees from more over 50 international offices will trim down the 150,000 to just 100 finalists.

For a week in January, Google will present that 100 for online public voting. A panel of judges will then review the top 20 rated ideas and announce up to five winners in mid-February.

The $10 million funding will be awarded in May. It will be split between the winning ideas. There may only be one idea that takes the full amount, there could be two that receive $5 million each. The maximum is five, with $2 million going to each project.

The project has been very popular with over 2.5 million unique hits in just under a month and the video they provided was watched over 1 million times.




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