Google Create Gadgets To Help US Voters

24 10 2008

With all the publicity around the US Election, people actually voting is a rather crucial part of the process. Absent voters, people who forget, people who didn’t know where to go to vote, they all make a difference to the outcome of who becomes the most powerful man in the world.

And Google has decided to step in and ensure more voters go to the polls on November 4th.

Google has utilised its Google Maps technology, combined it with polling station information and created a tool that helps locate the nearest local voting stations. Voters can type in their zip code or location to find the place where they mark a piece of paper with the name of Obama or McCain. The tool should help voters find the nearest and most convenient place to vote for their next President and improve voting numbers, if only slightly.

Google has also offered this tool in the form of a website widget. Webmaster can embed some code in their page and the Google Voting Maps search box will appear, helping others find the important information they need.




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