MeetWays: Using Google Maps To Find A Half-Way Meeting Place

30 10 2008

Recently there has been some coverage of the geocoding and web apps knowing your location, especially the new Firefox add-on Geode. The basics are that this coding allows web applications to know where you are, converting an address into a latitude-longitude coordinates. Google have also noted that reverse geocoding allows for the coordinates to be converted to an address.

This technology has been used with Google Maps to create an application that helps you find a meeting place between two points to meet up with a friend, business client, etc. The app is called MeetWays.

MeetWays combines Google Maps, Google’s Local Search, reverse geocoding and some maths to help discover a mid-way point between two addresses. MeetWays takes the two addresses, finds the coordinates of the middleground, then converts those coordinates into an address using reverse geocoding and presents you with your half-way meeting place.

The app covers around 27 countries including the America, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. It also covers the major cities in Russia, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Just Google It took it for a test run…

We entered an old address in Bristol and one in Bath (both United Kindgom) to see where we would end up.

MeetWays pointed us to a place in Keynsham, which isn’t a bad place to meet between Bristol and Bath. It also plotted out the local coffee shops. The closest to our meeting point being one called Pomegranate.

The bubble provides an address and phone number, plus the ability to get directions. The map also provides a link to Pomegranate‘s Google business listing with more information and reviews (if any)

Overall it seems like a great little service and captures the use of geocoding brilliantly. I expect to use MeetWays in the future for new places or day trips to uncover eateries and coffee shops.




3 responses

6 11 2008

Love it! Thank you!

24 04 2009

They just added an iPhone app. I had been using the website weekly but I am so excited about the iPhone app. I think I will use it even more.

20 07 2009

Thanks for sharing I love so helpful!

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