Google’s Picasa 3 Leaves Beta

3 11 2008

After announcing a new 3.0 beta back in September, Google’s photo management tool, Picasa, has now been upgraded to a final release.

Picasa 3 Logo

Although the link on the page to download the desktop version of the software states Beta, the download is actually the final 3.0 version.

Google try and give us a list of what has changed, but, ironically for a company that values linking so highly, it goes to a page that doesn’t exist anymore. Lifehacker does manage give us more of a round-up, as they reviewed the Beta:

Google’s photo management tool, has quietly announced a new beta that adds basic movie editing, fuller syncing to Web Albums, and many other features and changes. Actually, the biggest change in the new Picasa isn’t in the software itself—it’s a new “quick view” utility, which replaces the basic double-click viewing tool in Windows with a Picasa-friendly, drop-cloth-style window. Five new collage styles have also been added to the offerings, and Picasa’s new “Movie Maker” tool lets you create slideshow-style clips out of stills or trim and paste video clips together.

Picasa seems to be one of Google’s hidden gems. While products like Chrome, Adwords and Android grab all the headlines, Picasa goes about building a great piece of software that does a hell of a lot. I’ve never used Picasa before, but seeing the new list of features and what it is capable of I might just give it a try.

Do you use Picasa? Is it your primary photo-management tool? If not, will this release tempt you to try it? Let us know. Leave a comment!




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