Google Chrome Fixes Plugin Issues With New Release

4 11 2008

Google Chrome burst on to the scene just over two months ago now and, as the Just Google It review revealed, quickly bashed Opera out of the way in terms of market share. However, users that I’ve spoke to were still grumbling about problems with the browser, especially plugin support.

Today they can grumble slightly less as Google releases a large update for the browser that is “packed with plugin fixes”.

Google Chrome Logo
Google are eager to point out that Chrome has come a long way from its first release, which was seemingly teeming with problems:

Most importantly, if you tried the first version of Google Chrome but found that there were some bugs giving you headaches, give it another try.

The official Google Chrome blog, Chromium Blog, mentions that user bug reports helped them address the majority of the issues. Most of the plugin problems were with Adobe Flash and PDF reading, including one instance of Chrome taking up 100% of a users CPU when interacting with Flash plugins. The Chrome developers, while sympathetic to the users, are happy with this kind of feedback to work upon:

This is exactly the kind of feedback we are expecting from a beta launch. We have invested a lot of effort into automating compatibility testing for large number of web pages but there is nothing like actual user feedback. We are impressed by the user response to the beta and the quality of bug reports filed. Nothing more motivating than a lot of users waiting for your work.

The blog post goes on to give examples and stories of problems users experienced, based around the fixes in the new release. These can be found here.

The latest version should update automatically, but if not, it can be downloaded from this link.




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