Google’s Gmail Now Supports ‘Remember The Milk’ [With How-To]

4 11 2008

Last week Google announced the release of some Google Labs gadgets for Gmail that integrate with Google Docs and Google Calendar. But what slid under the radar was new support for third-party gadgets to appear in your inbox, enhancing the features that Gmail already offers.

The first to take the challenge of integrating themselves with Gmail are Remember The Milk, a free application that keeps track of your to-do lists, tasks and projects, which was reviewed by TechCrunch back in 2006 and gets numerous mentions on Lifehacker for its integration capabilities.

remember the milk logo

While Remember The Milk has offered Gmail support in the past, users needed a Firefox extension, cutting out a large chunk of the IE, Safari and Opera users. However, with the help of Google, it can now fully integrate within your inbox view.

It is an exciting move by Google, as it opens up their mail platform to so many applications that are becoming every-day tools to its millions of users. While the process of adding the gadget is clunky and the user-interface isn’t exactly streamlined, Google say:

We realize this isn’t very user friendly right now; it’s a sandbox mainly aimed at developers who want to play around with gadgets in Gmail.

Google also hinted that they would be expanding developer access in the future and that gadgets such as Remember The Milk could become independent add-ons rather than integrations through one user interface.


Just Google It will show you how to enable third party gadgets, using Remember The Milk as the example.

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account
Log into your Gmail account by going to or, you choose, and enter your username and password.

Step 2: Go to your settings page
From your inbox, access your settings page. The link to this is (on my gmail account anyway) next to the ‘sign out’, ‘help’ and ‘older version’ links.

Step 3: Go to the Labs page
In your settings page there are options – or tabs – at the top. One of those tabs is the link to the Labs section. Click this.

Step 4: Enable ‘Add any gadget by URL’ lab feature
Scroll down past old favourites like keyboard shortcuts and Mail Goggles to ‘Add any gadget by URL’ (it was right at the bottom of my list)  Click on ‘enable’, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.


Step 5: Enter Gadgets section of Settings
After enabling and saving your new settings you’ll be taken back to your inbox. Go back to settings and you’ll see a new tab: Gadgets.


In there, you’ll need to enter the URL for your third-party gadget, in this case, Remember The Milk, into the box and click ‘Add’

(The Remember The Milk URL is


Once this is added, the RTM config will appear in your ‘Gadgets tab’

Step 6: Login to your third-party account
Now your third-party application will appear in the left-hand nav of your inbox – in mine it was under my labels box. Simply log-in to your account and your gadget will appear, and with Remember The Milk, your list!


And away you go…




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