Google Add To Do List Task Manager To Gmail

9 12 2008

I use my Gmail account to send myself reminders. I use my Gmail to make notes on certain subjects. I had to do this by sending myself an email (very egotistical). However, the days of that are now over!

Google have released a task manager widget for Gmail. This can handle to do lists and notes and appears as a pop-up within the window of your Inbox.


People use Gmail to get stuff done, so we’ve added a lightweight way to keep track of what you need to do, right from within Gmail.

This addition is nice, especially as it can be popped-out into a separate window. This means that your to do list will be stored to your inbox, saving you having to port them about from home or work computers or having two different versions.

However, as shown by comments on Lifehacker’s post about the new addition, it is not as all-singing, all-dancing as the Remember The Milk widget that can be added to Gmail, as demonstrated by Just Google It back in November. It does not offer the level of integration with tools like Outlook or Windows Mobile that truly makes the task list portable. Yet, as Google showed us with the Gmail Desktop Widget, they can adapt to our suggestions in the future – if we moan loud enough.

Expect a How To post to be up and running soon…




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