Google Add To Do List Task Manager To Gmail

9 12 2008

I use my Gmail account to send myself reminders. I use my Gmail to make notes on certain subjects. I had to do this by sending myself an email (very egotistical). However, the days of that are now over!

Google have released a task manager widget for Gmail. This can handle to do lists and notes and appears as a pop-up within the window of your Inbox.

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Google Countdown To 2009 With Tips

3 12 2008

As we enter December and get buried under Christmas marketing, Google have focussed just a little further ahead than most; New Year,

On December 1st Google launched the countdown to 2009 by stating that they’ll offer a tip a day, to promote all the things that you can achieve through Google’s services:

We’ll cover everything from today’s tip on “Gift ideas and holiday savings” to checking out your flight status with Google Search.
Anita Yuen, Group Product Marketing Manager

I’m aware that today is the 3rd and that means we’ve missed the first three reveals, but we didn’t miss that much. Day One offered us the aforementioned “Get gift ideas and holiday savings”. Day Two gave us “Personalize your gifts & holiday greetings” through the use of Google Docs. Today’s tip is that followers of the NFL, MLB, NHL and/or NBA can check teams fixtures and scores by searching the team name. Google used the LA Lakers as their example.

Lets hope the last 28 days are more exciting…

Google Create Gadgets To Help US Voters

24 10 2008

With all the publicity around the US Election, people actually voting is a rather crucial part of the process. Absent voters, people who forget, people who didn’t know where to go to vote, they all make a difference to the outcome of who becomes the most powerful man in the world.

And Google has decided to step in and ensure more voters go to the polls on November 4th.

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5 Top Google Tips To Enhance Your Searching

20 10 2008

Google is the first port of call for finding anything on the web – or at least it is for around 80% of search engine users. Some of you may be aware of some Google tricks, such as using “exact quotes” to find your keywords in a precise order, but there are many hidden gems.

Save yourself some time with these Google tips which will help streamline your search and uncover ways to use Google you never knew were possible!

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Adwords Tool: Keyword Wrapper

13 10 2008

As a user of Google Adwords everyday, I know that building up keywords is one of the most important element of a successful ad campaign. However, it can also be the most laborious. If you have a set of keywords, you’ll want them to be broad, phrase and exact (e.g. broad, “phrase” and [exact]) This could mean that if you have 100 keyword variations, you will have to type them out another 200 times in the other match varieties to have a wide-reaching keyword list.

However, rather than type a keyword out three times, this Adwords tool can save you hours of needless typing, by generating the wrapping for you…

Adwords Keyword Wrapping Tool

Adwords Keyword Wrapping Tool

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