Google Countdown To 2009 With Tips

3 12 2008

As we enter December and get buried under Christmas marketing, Google have focussed just a little further ahead than most; New Year,

On December 1st Google launched the countdown to 2009 by stating that they’ll offer a tip a day, to promote all the things that you can achieve through Google’s services:

We’ll cover everything from today’s tip on “Gift ideas and holiday savings” to checking out your flight status with Google Search.
Anita Yuen, Group Product Marketing Manager

I’m aware that today is the 3rd and that means we’ve missed the first three reveals, but we didn’t miss that much. Day One offered us the aforementioned “Get gift ideas and holiday savings”. Day Two gave us “Personalize your gifts & holiday greetings” through the use of Google Docs. Today’s tip is that followers of the NFL, MLB, NHL and/or NBA can check teams fixtures and scores by searching the team name. Google used the LA Lakers as their example.

Lets hope the last 28 days are more exciting…


Chrome Updated With New Boomark Manager

26 11 2008

Google Chrome Logo

Google’s browser Chrome remains in Beta, but its still receiving updates. It was announced on the Chromium Announce Google Group that the gatecrashing browser is now at its release stage, and that the new version has a Firefox-esque bookmark manager and a cleaner pop-up blocker as its main upgrades. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Turn Off New Google SearchWiki [Firefox Only]

25 11 2008

Last week Google launched the SearchWiki feature, “a way for you to customize search by re-ranking, deleting, adding, and commenting on search results” as titled by Google, “a way to clutter your minimalist search results and throw away market share” as titled by Just Google It.

Although Google intended for this new tool to improve users search experience and enhance the relevance of the sites on offer, it has got a bit of a bashing around the Internet, not least from TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington in his ‘Google, It Wasn’t Broke’ blog rant. The main problem with SearchWiki is that once you’ve accepted to use it, Google offers you no way back, so we offer to show you how to turn it off.

Arrington's Advice To His Blog Readers

Arrington advises his blog readers

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Google Add Social Networking Element To Search

25 11 2008

Google have made a brave move by tinkering with their winning formula: search.

Last week Google announced on their official blog that they were introducing a new approach to search, which they have termed SearchWiki.

CNN was promoted to first result status

CNN was promoted to first result status

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Just Google It’s Wordle Tag Cloud

24 11 2008

I stumbled across a web app called Wordle and created a word cloud of all of Just Google It’s tags and content. Here we are:


It was rather obvious that Google was going to be the dominant word in our Wordle cloud, yet I’m concerned with my use of the word ‘however’, which appears to be too often…

To get your own Wordle cloud, and maybe save it to their gallery, just visit their site.