Zeitgeist 2008: Google Tells Us What We’ve Searched This Year

10 12 2008

Today Google told us what the world has been looking for in the past 12 months: the annual Zeitgeist list has arrived.

The release of the list of the worlds most popular searches has steadily improved in popularity in years and this year even  made the BBC News homepage.


As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look at the big events, memorable moments and emerging trends that captivated us in 2008. As it happens, studying the aggregation of the billions of search queries that people type into the Google search box gives us a glimpse into the zeitgeist — the spirit of the times.

Google have made the move this year to present their findings for country searches as well, so you can see what was top in the UK, US and even the Philippines. And it would seem that Sarah Palin has had her moment in the sun…

Fastest Rising (Global) Search Terms

  1. sarah palin
  2. beijing 2008
  3. facebook login
  4. tuenti
  5. heath ledger
  6. obama
  7. nasza klasa
  8. wer kennt wen
  9. euro 2008
  10. jonas brothers

Google Pull Plug On Yahoo Ad Deal

6 11 2008

Back in June, Google and Yahoo announced a deal that would see Google’s advertising platform become integrated with Yahoo’s network. The deal was to earn Yahoo over $800 million (£494 million) a year and extend Google’s reach and advertising power.


Yahoo was hoping that the deal with Google would appease the shareholders who were angry over the rejection of the $47.5 billion (£29.4 billion) Microsoft takeover bid. However, it was subject to objections from the US Justice Department over Anti-Trust issues. They even delayed the launch dates to give the department time to investigate.

Today it has now been revealed that Google are no-longer going to implement the deal. They mention that while they are disappointed with the deals collapse, the risks, both legally and personally, were too much. Read the rest of this entry »

Can Google Predict The US Election?

24 10 2008

The world is counting down to decision day. Who becomes the most powerful man in the world? Who becomes the leader of the United States? The race is being closely run by John McCain and Barack Obama.

Polls are being closely scrutinised to try and see who is leading, what difference comments made and which states seem safe. The polls, at the moment, have Obama out in front. They all differ in the size of the lead from 11% to just 3%, but  still in front.

Data-analysis company Gallup have Barack Obama out in front with 50% of the votes, where John McCain has 43% of the balllots.

With this data, Just Google It considered how similar search volume could be to the way people were going to vote. Could the way people search influence their Presidential choice? We looked at Google Trends to find out… Read the rest of this entry »