Google Pull Plug On Yahoo Ad Deal

6 11 2008

Back in June, Google and Yahoo announced a deal that would see Google’s advertising platform become integrated with Yahoo’s network. The deal was to earn Yahoo over $800 million (£494 million) a year and extend Google’s reach and advertising power.


Yahoo was hoping that the deal with Google would appease the shareholders who were angry over the rejection of the $47.5 billion (£29.4 billion) Microsoft takeover bid. However, it was subject to objections from the US Justice Department over Anti-Trust issues. They even delayed the launch dates to give the department time to investigate.

Today it has now been revealed that Google are no-longer going to implement the deal. They mention that while they are disappointed with the deals collapse, the risks, both legally and personally, were too much. Read the rest of this entry »


Adwords Tool: Keyword Wrapper

13 10 2008

As a user of Google Adwords everyday, I know that building up keywords is one of the most important element of a successful ad campaign. However, it can also be the most laborious. If you have a set of keywords, you’ll want them to be broad, phrase and exact (e.g. broad, “phrase” and [exact]) This could mean that if you have 100 keyword variations, you will have to type them out another 200 times in the other match varieties to have a wide-reaching keyword list.

However, rather than type a keyword out three times, this Adwords tool can save you hours of needless typing, by generating the wrapping for you…

Adwords Keyword Wrapping Tool

Adwords Keyword Wrapping Tool

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