Google Release Gmail Desktop Widget

8 12 2008

Google desktop has been customising users desktops for years, with the latest widgets enabling XP users to create Vista-esque sidebars, with clocks, docks and apps. However, after countless requests, Google has finally announced the release of a Gmail desktop widget.

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Google Add Social Networking Element To Search

25 11 2008

Google have made a brave move by tinkering with their winning formula: search.

Last week Google announced on their official blog that they were introducing a new approach to search, which they have termed SearchWiki.

CNN was promoted to first result status

CNN was promoted to first result status

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Google Toolbar Turns 8 – And Its Changed The Way We Use The Web

30 10 2008

As the dust settles on Google’s 10th birthday celebrations, another milestone comes creeping up. And we haven’t even bought it a card!

Google Toolbar is reaching its eighth year, and to make it feel like it hasn’t been completely overshadowed by the bigger occasion, Google have released a new IE version of the handy, little bar.

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Google To Transform YouTube From Copyright Problem To Ad-Pusher

8 10 2008

YouTube has always been a thorn in the side of music companies, constantly hosting and giving visitors free access to their material. Since Google bought YouTube for $1.65billion back in October 2006 record companies have been all-over the search giant, saying that their music being on the site is copyright infringement.

This has also ended up in Viacom famously saying they would sue Google for $1billion over its alleged 160,000 clips that were viewed over 1.5 billion times.

However, Google have today stated their intention, via their “I Clicked to Buy And I Liked It” (to the tune of Katy Perry) blog post, to start putting ads alongside YouTube videos, with the potential to turn the YouTube arguement on its head… Read the rest of this entry »