Google Chrome Officially Leaves Beta

12 12 2008

Google’s party-crashing browser Chrome has officially dropped its Beta tag and is a fully fledged release.

Google posted the news this morning as Chrome took the odd step of leaving Beta (we covered not long ago that 45% of Google products are in Beta, including Gmail after 4 years!)

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Google Chrome Fixes Plugin Issues With New Release

4 11 2008

Google Chrome burst on to the scene just over two months ago now and, as the Just Google It review revealed, quickly bashed Opera out of the way in terms of market share. However, users that I’ve spoke to were still grumbling about problems with the browser, especially plugin support.

Today they can grumble slightly less as Google releases a large update for the browser that is “packed with plugin fixes”.

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Google Chrome Review: One Month Later

3 10 2008

Google Chrome launched a month ago to great surprise. Its aim was to join the big players of Firefox and Internet Exporer in the browser world. One month on, Just Google It looks at the statistics to see how it has performed and whether it can be a major player in the market…

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