Chrome Updated With New Boomark Manager

26 11 2008

Google Chrome Logo

Google’s browser Chrome remains in Beta, but its still receiving updates. It was announced on the Chromium Announce Google Group that the gatecrashing browser is now at its release stage, and that the new version has a Firefox-esque bookmark manager and a cleaner pop-up blocker as its main upgrades. Read the rest of this entry »


Google Chrome Fixes Plugin Issues With New Release

4 11 2008

Google Chrome burst on to the scene just over two months ago now and, as the Just Google It review revealed, quickly bashed Opera out of the way in terms of market share. However, users that I’ve spoke to were still grumbling about problems with the browser, especially plugin support.

Today they can grumble slightly less as Google releases a large update for the browser that is “packed with plugin fixes”.

Google Chrome Logo Read the rest of this entry »

Google Finally Add Split Partner Traffic For Adwords

17 10 2008

Google today announced on their official Adwords blog that customers can now filter their data even further, by allowing you to split your partner search data into three groups.

Google Adwords Logo

Google Adwords Logo

Before this update, you were only able to see a breakdown of your content campaigns and search campaigns. Now, you can see the stats for your AdWords campaigns based on the content network [Adsense, etc], Google search and search partners [Ask and possibly Yahoo!]. Read the rest of this entry »