Google Add To Do List Task Manager To Gmail

9 12 2008

I use my Gmail account to send myself reminders. I use my Gmail to make notes on certain subjects. I had to do this by sending myself an email (very egotistical). However, the days of that are now over!

Google have released a task manager widget for Gmail. This can handle to do lists and notes and appears as a pop-up within the window of your Inbox.

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Free Google Gmail Stickers

8 12 2008

It may have been revealed around 4 days ago, but Google are offering people free Gmail stickers.


Google Release Gmail Desktop Widget

8 12 2008

Google desktop has been customising users desktops for years, with the latest widgets enabling XP users to create Vista-esque sidebars, with clocks, docks and apps. However, after countless requests, Google has finally announced the release of a Gmail desktop widget.

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How To Enable New Google Mail Themes In Gmail

20 11 2008

Today we reported that Google had released lots of themes for its mail platform, Gmail.

Now we will show you how to set a Google theme such as Ninja or Candy for your inbox. Its simpler than enabling Google Mail Goggles or Remember The Milk as seen in previous just Google It walkthroughs.

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account
Log into your Gmail account by going to or, you choose, and enter your username and password.

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Google Release Gmail Themes

20 11 2008

Google’s Gmail platform is constantly being updated. This is not surprising when you learn that Google has kept the service in Beta since its launch in 2004. Recently we’ve seen bigger changes, mainly through their labs add-ons, such as Google Goggles and Third-Party Widgets, like Remember The Milk.

However, one thing has always stayed the same; The colour scheme.

Gmail has stayed in line with Google’s minimal white background with small splahes of colour here and there, until now. Google have just announced the option to theme your inbox, in a similar way to your iGoogle page.

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Gmail Gives You More Control Over Your Contacts

22 10 2008

It has been reported on the official Gmail blog that changes have been made to the way in which we handle our contacts.

Gmail used to store your contacts if you mailed someone five or more times, automatically creating a contact profile for that address. However, Google have realise that this is not as useful as it sounds as it clutters your address book for syncing with mobile devices.

Contacts will now be transferred to a “Suggested Contacts” category and only the email addresses you care enough to add by hand will be entered into your “My Contacts” section. The Official Gmail Blog says:

As part of this change, we’re moving previously auto-added contacts back into Suggested Contacts. Only contacts that you’ve edited, imported or added to a group will remain in My Contacts. This will provide everyone with a clean slate and, we hope, a better point for syncing contacts with mobile devices (for example with Android). We’ll be rolling this change out to everyone over the next few days.

Hopefully the next upgrade will include a pop-out address book to check and add. As nice as auto-fill is, people sometimes get forgtten and feelings get hurt!

Are there any upgrades you’d like to see? Lets us know, leave a comment!

How To Read Your Gmail Without Your Mouse

7 10 2008

If you’re a person who loves the tips Lifehacker et al provide on saving time (while you waste time browsing their pages!) then you’ll love these little tips.

Gmail is rather functional and I find that my time is not taken up by useless tasks. However, there is still room for squeezing some more time out of the famous Google inbox; mouseless navigation.

There are numerous shortcuts that can be used to navigate, organise, write, send and archive, all from the comfort of your keyboard. The even got a mention on the Official Gmail Blog. Just Google It explains and tests them out… Read the rest of this entry »