Chrome Updated With New Boomark Manager

26 11 2008

Google Chrome Logo

Google’s browser Chrome remains in Beta, but its still receiving updates. It was announced on the Chromium Announce Google Group that the gatecrashing browser is now at its release stage, and that the new version has a Firefox-esque bookmark manager and a cleaner pop-up blocker as its main upgrades. Read the rest of this entry »


Google Add Social Networking Element To Search

25 11 2008

Google have made a brave move by tinkering with their winning formula: search.

Last week Google announced on their official blog that they were introducing a new approach to search, which they have termed SearchWiki.

CNN was promoted to first result status

CNN was promoted to first result status

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Google Pull Plug On Yahoo Ad Deal

6 11 2008

Back in June, Google and Yahoo announced a deal that would see Google’s advertising platform become integrated with Yahoo’s network. The deal was to earn Yahoo over $800 million (£494 million) a year and extend Google’s reach and advertising power.


Yahoo was hoping that the deal with Google would appease the shareholders who were angry over the rejection of the $47.5 billion (£29.4 billion) Microsoft takeover bid. However, it was subject to objections from the US Justice Department over Anti-Trust issues. They even delayed the launch dates to give the department time to investigate.

Today it has now been revealed that Google are no-longer going to implement the deal. They mention that while they are disappointed with the deals collapse, the risks, both legally and personally, were too much. Read the rest of this entry »

Google’s Picasa 3 Leaves Beta

3 11 2008

After announcing a new 3.0 beta back in September, Google’s photo management tool, Picasa, has now been upgraded to a final release.

Picasa 3 Logo

Although the link on the page to download the desktop version of the software states Beta, the download is actually the final 3.0 version.

Google try and give us a list of what has changed, but, ironically for a company that values linking so highly, it goes to a page that doesn’t exist anymore. Lifehacker does manage give us more of a round-up, as they reviewed the Beta:

Google’s photo management tool, has quietly announced a new beta that adds basic movie editing, fuller syncing to Web Albums, and many other features and changes. Actually, the biggest change in the new Picasa isn’t in the software itself—it’s a new “quick view” utility, which replaces the basic double-click viewing tool in Windows with a Picasa-friendly, drop-cloth-style window. Five new collage styles have also been added to the offerings, and Picasa’s new “Movie Maker” tool lets you create slideshow-style clips out of stills or trim and paste video clips together.

Picasa seems to be one of Google’s hidden gems. While products like Chrome, Adwords and Android grab all the headlines, Picasa goes about building a great piece of software that does a hell of a lot. I’ve never used Picasa before, but seeing the new list of features and what it is capable of I might just give it a try.

Do you use Picasa? Is it your primary photo-management tool? If not, will this release tempt you to try it? Let us know. Leave a comment!

Get Google’s Project 10^100 To Remind You To Vote

31 10 2008

Lots of people have found their way onto Just Google It’s pages in search of more and more information about Project 10^100, Google’s $10million eco-contest.

Google employees are whittling down the 150,000 entries to just 100. Once this is done, a voting period, opening to the public, will begin. January 27th.

This is the time where you can make a difference. And to help you remember to vote, Google has set up a nice reminder service.

Click here to go and register for your reminder!

MeetWays: Using Google Maps To Find A Half-Way Meeting Place

30 10 2008

Recently there has been some coverage of the geocoding and web apps knowing your location, especially the new Firefox add-on Geode. The basics are that this coding allows web applications to know where you are, converting an address into a latitude-longitude coordinates. Google have also noted that reverse geocoding allows for the coordinates to be converted to an address.

This technology has been used with Google Maps to create an application that helps you find a meeting place between two points to meet up with a friend, business client, etc. The app is called MeetWays.

MeetWays combines Google Maps, Google’s Local Search, reverse geocoding and some maths to help discover a mid-way point between two addresses. MeetWays takes the two addresses, finds the coordinates of the middleground, then converts those coordinates into an address using reverse geocoding and presents you with your half-way meeting place.

The app covers around 27 countries including the America, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. It also covers the major cities in Russia, Hong Kong and Thailand. Read the rest of this entry »